Our new powder coat facility sets the standard for quality, flexibility and efficiency!

Powder Coating 

Offering one of the largest powder coating facilities in the country.

Chief Fabrication is proud to have one of the largest automated conveyor powder coat operations in the country that focuses on productivity, quality, cost effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. The primer and top coat can be applied in one pass, each hook can handle up to 800 lbs. for a 1300 lb./part capacity, and parts can measure up to 2' W x 7' D x 17' L.

Our new Therma-Tron-X multi-stage pretreatment equipment can prepare your product's surface for painting, plating, or other industrial finishing processes. The environment room provides ideal powder paint application conditions with highly controlled temperature, humidity and multilevel filtration systems. Spray booths feature optimum paint application conditions that balance airflow and minimize overspray.


Powder Coating Capabilities

Chief Fabrication has one of the best powder coat facilities and systems in the country, with capabilities including:

  • Therma-Tron-X, Inc. 7-stage all stainless steel 170' cleaning system with acid pickle laser scale removal
  • Alkaline cleaning stage with all stages and vestibules incorporating continuous mist halos
  • Conversion coating and rinses made up and supplied by R/O system
  • 800# per hook with 1300# per part capability
  • Part package size of (L,W,H) 10'x4'x6' and 17'18"x6'
  • Window size of 5' x 7' and line speeds up to 12' per minute
  • Air and humidity controlled environmental room
  • 4 Nordson application booths including a quick change colormax booth with 12 automated guns
  • The ability to powder prime and powder topcoat in one pass utilizing IR gel oven for primer application